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Pinlend, a trusted community driven peer-to-peer rental platform for Sports and Outdoor equipment.

Our mission to develop a rental marketplace solution that encourages individuals to share what they already own with others in their community. Our aim to dramatically decrease the consumption of consumer goods is our number one priority at Pinlend. We believe that this is achievable through delivering a more affordable and efficient alternative to buying an item outright that you would use infrequently or may hire from a rental store. ​

Together, we can prove that there are far greater benefits having access to something, rather than owning it. 

Our Story

Since the birth for the idea for Pinlend in 2014, Jimmy has led the idea conceptualisation and vision for the company to create a trusted peer-to-peer marketplace platform.

As a branding and communications enthusiast, Jimmy is dedicated to building a global brand whilst spreading the word about how we can reduce the high level of consumption through sharing what we already own with other individuals in the community i.e. the benefits of having access to something rather than owning it.

Our core vision is to develop a disruptive solution for the current rental market by creating a simple, clean and user friendly experience for all of our members.

Lex is leading the design, technical and product evolution of Pinlend and has been instrumental in designing and building the platform. Lex believes in building a robust and scalable solution that will stay relevant for generations to come.

Our Team

Lex Buckle 

Founder of Pinlend 

Lex Buckle Pinlend

James Thomas 

(Marketing Advisor)

James Thomas Pinlend     


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Pinlend is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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